Mesa ni Misis

I was invited to speak and host a cooking demonstration to celebrate Nutrition month in Ormoc in July 2023. The Hon. Lucy Torres-Gomez, Mayor of Ormoc has taken several initiatives

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Welcome to my table

My table is a place where food is shared, ideas are imagined, and dreams get realised. Coming together for a meal at a table, seated, with no distractions to take you away from the food or eachother, is the ideal way to connect with other people. Being invited to one’s home for a meal is a true mark of hospitality, mixed with a level of intimacy, as you are invited into one’s home. On this site, I share my plant forward recipes, updates on nutrition and the status of food security in the Philippines and around the world, as we are all connected through food. I also share the products and places that I enjoy plus my own recommendations and tips.


I hold a couple of degrees in two very unrelated fields. My first is a BA in History of Art with Material Studies from University College London. I had a career in journalism for many years until I discovered my interest in food and nutrition, in particular the nutritional value in native Philippine vegetables. This led me to pursue a Masters in Global Food Security and Nutrition from the University of Edinburgh, which helped to solidify my learnings. But what good are degrees if no one eats my food? The proof is in the plant based pudding- delicious recipes are key to helping people eat healthier, coupled with low cost ingredients. And that’s what I love to do, create delicious recipes people of all ages and backgrounds are excited to try. If I can make someone like one new vegetable after coming to my table, then my hard work has paid off.