Sayote Turmeric Soup for the Soul

5 miutes

super easy

Sayote is a great diuretic when you are feeling bloated and is perfect to get the extra salt out of your body. Curcumin is the active ingredient that has all the benefits- anti cancer, anti viral, improves digestion and a whole host of benefits. The garlic and onions not only add taste, but are little flavourful powerhouses.



Adjust Servings
3whole sayote, cubed
1tbsp onions
3cloves garlic
2tsp turmeric powder, or 1 thumb size knob turmeric
1cup alugbati leaves


In a soup pan, boil the sayote, garlic and onions.
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If using fresh turmeric, add the knob in the mixture. If using powder, add it at this point.
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Cook until the sayote is tender.
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In a blender, add the boiled sayote, garlic and turmeric and blend till it forms a puree. Add water or vegetable stock if you want to thin it out.
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Pour out the soup into bowls or a serving dish and top with alugbati leaves.
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