Kamote Top Immunitea

25 Minutes

super easy

I had the unfortunate experience in having dengue twice in my life. My parents had heard that drinking the water that kamote leaves were boiled in would raise platelets, which is what drops when you have dengue. When we asked the doctor, he said that it was not true. Desperate for some relief, I tried drinking the water from the boiled camote leaves. When you have dengue, they take your blood every 4 hours or so. Every 4 hours my platelets slowly but surely rose and rose, to the point where there was no need for a transfusion. This remedy has been used in the province for ages and has proven to help with maladies. We tweaked the simple recipe to make it more palatable. You don’t need to be sick to enjoy this immune boosting drink, but keep it on hand as a substitute for a sweet drink!



Adjust Servings
1buunch kamote tops
6pcs kalamansi
2tbsp honey


Boil the kamote tops for five to ten minutes.
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Steep for five more.
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Stir in the honey and kalamansi. Transfer to a vessel and let cool.
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Enjoy over ice.
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