Moong Dosa

15 Minutes



This recipe was taught to me by a very good friend who cooked this for me one night. She invited me to her place to watch how it was made. I couldn’t  believe how simple it was! The same dear friend taught me the accompanying side dish- coconut chutney. This dish is a staple in Indian homes, and now it is in my home as well. Thank you, Deviya for sharing this with me.



Adjust Servings
1/4kg monggo
1 whole onion
thumb size1 ginger, chopped
3-4pieces curry leaves
1 bunch coriander leaves and stalks
Coconut Chutney
2cups grated coconut meat ( fresh)
4-5pieces curry leaves
1 tablespoon chana dahl
1teaspoon cumin powder
2 teaspoons calamansi
to taste salt
1whole, chopped and seeded green pepper ( optional)
drizzle of oil and mustard seeds


Moong Dosa
Soak the monggo in water overnight. Drain the monggo, but reserve the water.
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In a blender, combine the monggo, onion, ginger, curry leaves. Add salt to taste Blend together until it forms a pulp.
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4.In a pan, heat up 1 tbsp of oil. You may wish to use an egg frying mold or cookie cutter to make perfectly shaped dosas. If you prefer them to be thinner, you will need more oil.
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5. Repeat the steps for cooking the dosas. The batter can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days, so you can have freshly made dosas! Serve with the coconut chutney
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If you are making thin dosas, spread out the batter on the pan. Wait for the ends to go brown and crispy, before scraping it and flipping. If you choose to make these a little thicker, this requires less oil but come out thicker. Fill the cookie cutter with a thin layer of batter. Cook until crispy on the side then flip.
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Coconut Chutney
Place all the ingredients in a blender, adding the chili if you want it spicy.
Top with mustard seeds and a little oil before serving.
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